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Zorki one of the widest known brand in Soviet photo industry. It was the second quite successful attempt to produce mass-market Leica rangefinder camera copies. During WW2, The Soviet camera factory FED was evacuated to escape advancing German troops. After the war FED had troubles getting FED rangefinder camera brand, (a copy of the pre-war German Leica 35mm camera), back into production. Because KMZ plant had escaped destruction, that company started making the FED camera under a joint FED-Zorki logo in 1948. When FED got back in operation, KMZ continued to produce the rangefinder cameras under the Zorki trademark (intended for export either) and made some design changes. Other cameras produced by KMZ are Moskva folding and Drug rangefinder.

Screw-mount Rangefinders

Model Produced between
FED-Zorki 1948-49
Zorki 1 1948-56
Zorki S [2] 1955-58
Zorki 2 1954-56
Zorki 2S [2] 1955-60
Zorki-3 1955-56
Zorki-3M 1954-55
Zorki-3S [2] 1955-56
Zorki-4 1956-73
Zorki-4K 1972-78
Zorki-5 1958-59
Zorki-6 1959-66

Fixed-lens Rangefinders

Fixed lens viewfinders


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