The Zenit 19 (Зенит) is a 35mm film SLR produced by Krasnogorsk Mechanical Works KMZ in the USSR from 1979 to 1987.

It is in the Zenit series.

There are 3 types and 5 sub-types of the camera. [1]

It possess an all new vertical-travel metal shutter with a wide range of electronically timed speeds. Just like the Zenit TTL, it has the stop-down needle metering system. The meter and DOF Preivew are activated by a button to the lower left of the M42 lens mount, instead of half depressing the shutter button like other Zenits. The shutter features a locking switch to prevent accidental trigger when cocked, and to allow for ultra long bulb exposures. Film Speed is selected on the bottom of the camera, in GOST speeds. Most Zenit 19s will have a conversion table attached to the back between GOST-ASA and DIN. An enhanced focusing screen with 70% of the frame area is also present. This new prisim is brighter and was eventually intergrated in the Zenit 12 line.

Structure of the camera is mostly single piece metal, with a plastic top and bottom cover.

The Zenit takes 2 PX625 cell batteries in a battery compartment on the bottom of the camera, similar to the Canon EF. The meter is not voltage-sensitive, so 1.5 volt 625 alkaline batteries can be used in place of the original 1.35 volt mercury batteries. Without the battery, the light meter will cease to function and the shutter will only operate at 1/1000 of a second (due to the slower speeds being electronically timed).

The Zenit 19 was supplied either with a 58mm Helios 44M or Zenitar-M 50mm 1:1.7.

121,993 Zenit 19 cameras were produced by KMZ until the production line was shut down.

The Zenit 19 was further developed into the rare Zenit 18, which added an Aperture-Priority shooting mode, and moved the meter activation back to the shutter button. Only 7,001 Zenit 18's were produced over the timespan of 1980 to 1987.

Zenit T-1Edit

Zenit-19's predecessor was under the name Zenit T-1.

  • Produced between 1978-79 in very small quantities
  • Lens: Helios-44M
  • Very rare camera

Zenit T-1 image by Alexander Komarov

  1. Typing is as to Komarov


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