Zenit 12PRO & Zenit 12XSL are 35mm film SLR cameras designed by BelOMO, made by BMA INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO LTDA in Brazil and produced in c.1995.

These are the same with Zenit 12XS and SD, but changed prism.

See also the article Zenit series.

The only differences among both cameras are: [1]

  • Zenit logo on the 12XSL is green and on the 12PRO white
  • Self-timer buton on the 12XSL is yellow but 12PRO white
  • Speeds scales are a little bit different by the cameras
  • Both have the same lenses but the rings are different

Their standard lenses are M42 mount Helios-44M-6 58mm f/2 or Helios-44-3 and the shutter is focal plane with speeds 1/30-1/500 +B.

On the bottom of the camera is written “Indústria Brasileira” and that means really “Made in Brazil”.

BelOMO made Zenits

All of these look like the Brazilian Zenit 12XSL. The Zenit 122 and Zenit 12XP were also made by KMZ and in Brazil.

The yellow button, the handgrip and the name “ZENIT” in green are all things which you can only find at the Zenits by BeLomo and not by the Zenits by KMZ.

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