The Yashica Y35 is a digital camera that was launched in 2018 following a successful Kickstarter campaign launched in October 2017. The camera is styled heavily on the Yashica Electro 35 rangefinder but is much smaller and arguably more basic with fixed focus and aperture. The Kickstarter campaign was fully funded within four hours of launch and the project was backed to HK$10,035,296 by 6935 backers. The company behind the camera is 100 Enterprises International Group Company Limited, based in Hong Kong.

The camera has a deliberate retro operation. You need to wind on the camera between shots and the camera must be loaded with DigiFilm™ to work. The DigiFilm™ modules are APS sized units which determine characteristics of the final image. They can be hot swapped. There is no LCD and beyond the shutter and switching the DigiFilm modules, the only user control is a EV adjust.

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