Single Lens Reflex, 135 film, very similar to Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II.

  • Year: 1972
  • Manufacturer: Yashica, Japan
  • Lenses: M42 (42x1) e.g. Yashinon 50mm f1.9/2.0 Metering: TTL stop down, weighted, CdS, two lights in viewfinder (up (TL) or left(TL-X): overexposed, down or right underexposed, both: ok) from 12 ASA to 1600 ASA
  • Shutter: horizontal cloth (vertical metal on X model) metal focal plane, 1/1000 to 1 sec and B
  • Flash: Hot and syncro-x, X at 1/60, MF at 1/30. (1/90s on X model)
  • Self-timer: mechanical, 8-9 sec.
  • Batteries: according to exact model, two px640(2x1.35V=2.7V), or one PX28(6V) BEWARE!
  • Weight: about 980 g. with Yashinon 50mm f1.9
  • Dimensions: 145x94x48 mm

Finding batteries to replace the original 1.35V mercury batteries can be difficult as there is no exact voltage match. One recommendation is to use two PX640A batteries, however, this results in a 0.3V overcharge which can damage the circuitry of the camera and an inconsistent supply of voltage as alkaline batteries reduce over time. One option which achieves the desired 2.7V is by using an MR - 9 adaptor with two SR44 1.55V silver-oxide batteries[1]. The MR-9 converts the voltage from 3.1V to the appropriate 2.7V and a consistent voltage output is achieved by the SR44 batteries.


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