Yashica Penta J

The Yashica Penta J[1] (also known as the Reflex 35 in some markets) is a 1961 to 1964 SLR with interchangeable M42 screw mount lenses. It was the first of a line of Yashica SLRs that would use the M42 mount. It followed the Pentamatic S and shares many of its body parts and basic design. Its successors are the J-3, J-5, J-4, J-P and the J-7. Not to be confused with the Yashica J rangefinder.

The Yashica Penta J came with the Auto Yashinon 5cm f/2 lens with semi-automatic diaphragm lens and fully automatic mirror. The camera has no internal exposure meter, but a clip-on shutter-coupled exposure meter was available at extra cost.

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