The Yashica MG-1 is a fixed lens 35mm rangefinder released in 1975. It features a fixed Yashinon 45/2.8 which focuses from about 1m to infinity and takes 55mm filters. The aperture priority exposure system is measured by a CdS meter above the lens. CdS metering requires batteries. Two LEDs on the top of the body indicate slow speed and over-exposure. The MG-1 was sold as a cheaper alternative alongside other Yashica cameras such as the Yashica Electro 35GX. Other than it's rather large body, the camera was typical for the era. It was available in either black or chrome.


  • Lens: Color-Yashinon 45mm f2.8 (4 elements in 3 groups) with 55mm filter thread
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled step-less Copal-manufactured leaf shutter with shutter speeds from 1/500 to about 2 seconds
  • Focusing: Rangefinder-style
  • Film advance: Single-stroke advance lever on top of body
  • Film speed: Range from ISO 25 to ISO 800
  • Battery: 5.6V PX32 or equivalent
  • Size: 141(W) x 82(H) x 72(D) mm
  • Weight: 620 g (without battery and film)