The MF-2 is a 35mm viewfinder camera made by Yashica in 1980. It is a highly-simplified version of the MF-1, itself the successor to the 35 MF. It has a fixed-focus f/4 lens.

Whereas the MF-1 has programmed auto-exposure, using the CdS meter cell on the front of the lens to vary both shutter speed and aperture programatically, on the MF-2, the meter cell serves only to warn of under-exposure, by a red LED in the viewfinder.

The camera has a fixed shutter speed of around 1/125 second (reduced when the flash is used). The film speed control can be set to ISO 100 or 400, and this sets one of two fixed apertures.

The camera uses 2 AA batteries to power the pop-up flash and the meter cell.