The same body as the 35 but with a more "normal" lens, 40mm instead of 35mm. The camera bears a close resemblance with the Canonet series, but being black, it is very handsome and discrete. Great aperture priority exposure system. As with the CC, exposure info amounts to zero, so one has to be careful. Although it says Electro 35, the chassis is entirely different from the famous series. It is much more compact and considerably lighter.

Build quality: The only Electro 35 rangefinder lighter than half a kilo. Focus and aperture rings are made of plastic. The chassis and top/bottom plates are still made of metal.

All the markings on the camera are not only printed but also engraved, including the Holga/Lomography-ish distance scale.

There is no "thump" sound when winding as in many other Electros.

Lens:  YASHINON DX 40mm f/2.8  4 elements in 4 groups, modified Tessar (Unar?). The "coatings colours" are amber/magenta. Focus distance: 0.9m - 7m - infinity

Viewfinder/Rangefinder:  0.7x magnification. Eye-relief is long enough for glass-wears. Projected frame line with parallax correction marking.  Diamond-shaped rangefinder patch as in many other Electros 35s.  The area outside the frame line is tight.  Bright enough to use even indoor.

Shutter Loudness:  Between Electro 35 CC and GX

The shutter blades are not located in between the lens elements but behind the last element andexposed. It doesn't have the "Copal" brand name anywhere on the camera as on some other Electros 35s.

Aperture blades: Are not in between lens elements but between the last element and the shutter blades.

Like Olympus XA, closing the aperture gives a square shape.

Shooting without battery:  Gives 1/1000s speed only, same for the flash mode.

FlashMatic:  There is GN setting on the lens barrel. In flash mode, spinning the focus ring changes aperture.  One should use M mode (instead of A) on flash units when shooting with flashmatic. Shooting in flash mode (with battery) gives a speed of 1/30s and the yellow light is on. 


Some information about the camera in the two links are wrong. Be cautious when referencing.