This early Yashica rangefinder (c.1960) is distinctive in appearance. It has a stepped top plate and the rewind lever is recessed in the bottom plate, where it is folded out for winding. The lever pops out when a dial next to it is rotated to "R" for rewind. It has a range finder with moving coupled frame lines. The lens is a 4 element f2.8-16/45mm, presumably by Tomoica. Focus down to 3.5 feet. The shutter is a Copal MXV (V for self timer) with speeds 1,2,5,10,25,50,100,250,500. No light-meter which given the age of the camera is a plus, since most old meters don't work well, if at all. The back door opens with a side slider. A well made camera and completely manual. (BvG)

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