Yamamoto Shashinki Kōsakusho (山本写真機工作所) was a Japanese company based in Ogawa-chō, Tokyo before World War II.[1] It was already active in 1932, and made a spy camera taking 4.5×6cm plates perhaps called Egorette, certainly a copy of the Ergo. It later made a series of cameras called Kinka (written 錦華 and roughly meaning "imperial flower"), culminating with the Semi Kinka, which was also sold by distributors under other names.

See also Yamamoto Shashinki-ten, a distributor based in Osaka which is probably not related.

Rollfilm cameras Edit

3×4 telescopic Edit

4.5×6 folder Edit

Rebadged versions of the Semi Kinka were sold by Kuwata as the Semi Mulber and by Riken as the Adler B.

6×9 folder Edit

Plate cameras Edit

4.5×6 spy Edit

6.5×9 folders Edit

The Elliotte plate folders are attributed to Yamamoto by one source, but this is unconfirmed.[2]

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  1. Its address in 1932 was Kanda-ku Ogawa-chō 2–14, Hijiribashi-dōri (神田区小川町2–14聖橋通). In 1936–7 it was Kanda-ku Ogawa-chō 2–14, Hijiribashi-dōri (神田区小川町2–14聖橋通). Source: advertisement in Asahi Camera June 1932, p.A39, and advertisements in Asahi Camera December 1936, p.A58, January 1937, p.A56, and April 1937 (that dated January 1937 is reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p.67).
  2. Attribution in Lewis, p.47.

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