G.K. Yamamoto Shashinki-ten (合名会社山本写真機店, meaning Yamamoto Camera Shop) was a Japanese distributor in the 1930s, based in Osaka, perhaps with a subsidiary in Tokyo.[1] It distributed a number of cameras and accessories called Weha, and was certainly the owner of the Weha brand.

See also Yamamoto Shashinki Kōsakusho, a camera maker based in Tokyo which is probably not related.

Weha cameras and accessories[]

  • Weha plate folders (6.5×9 and 8×10.5)
  • Weha Idea (6.5×9 plate folder, a rebadged Idea by Rokuoh-sha)
  • Weha Six (6×6 folder made by Ehira)
  • Weha Chrome Six (6×6 rangefinder made by Ehira)
  • Weha accessory rangefinder, chrome, long base (made by Ehira, sold ¥15 in 1936)[2]
  • Weha accessory rangefinder, black, shorter base (marked WEHA at the top, sold in a case inscribed WEHA Range Finder)[3]
  • Weha enlarger and Weha Anastigmat 75/4.5, 50/4.5 and 105/4.5 enlarging lenses (1939–41)[4]

Other distributed cameras[]


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