The Wrayflex was a 35mm SLR made by the British company Wray after World War II. There were two different models, the first had a low profile appearance and used a system of mirrors to provide the reflex viewing image. It used the 24×32 mm format. Sadly this was rather dim compared to the pentaprism used on competitive cameras, and produced a laterally reversed image. The second version had a higher profile top plate and used a pentaprism, and also adopted the universal 24×36mm 35mm format - it was known as the Wrayflex II. Both used the same series of lenses. The cameras used normal 35mm film cassettes. The 24×32 mm format was a problem for slide material films.

List of lenses in Wrayflex mount:

  • 35/3.5 Lustrar
  • 50/2 Unilite
  • 90/4 Lustrar
  • 135/4 Lustrar

The Unilite lens design was covered by Patents, later there would be a dispute with Corfield when the latter company introduced their 45mm Lumax f/1.9 lens for the Periflex camera range. Corfield unwittingly had infringed the Wray patent and were obliged to acknowledge this fact.

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  • John Wade has published a book on the camera and its lenses - see for a copy
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