Wittnauer is an American watch company, based in New York since 1880, and selling Swiss made watches to the American market (see the history at their home page). From 1957 to about 1960, they also sold cameras under the Wittnauer brand, but they did not manufacture any. Most of them were made in Germany by Braun, while the Wittnauer Festival model was made by Bolsey.

List of cameras marketed by Wittnauer[]

Wittnauer name Original camera/manufacturer
Adventurer Braun
Automaton Braun Paxette Electromatic
Captain Braun Super Colorette IB
Challenger Braun
Champion Braun
Cine Twin Zoom 800
Commander Braun
Constellation Braun
Continental Braun Super Colorette II with modifications
Festival Bolsey Jubilee
Legionnaire Braun
Professional Braun Super Colorette IIB
Reporter Braun Gloriette B
Scout Braun Gloriette
Wittnette Automatic Electric Eye United States Camera Automatic Reflex
Wittnette Deluxe United States Camera Reflex III


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