Edixa SLR series models are 35mm film SLR cameras made by Wirgin and produced between 1959-71.

The Edixa SLR was the "workhorse" of the SLR cameras of the fifties and sixties. The camera made with many versions, often with little or no differences between the individual models. Its some parts were medium quality, and therefore it is not easy nowadays to find a good working Edixa. Almost all Edixas - with the exception of the Edixa Electronica and the Rex which have bayonet mount - have the 42mm Praktica/Pentax screw mount and can therefore be fitted with an enormous variety of lenses. The quality of the lenses which were especially marketed for the Edixa in a distinctive style varies sharply from excellent to poor. The camera-body was usually offered without the lens.

They were with focal-plane-shutter, with or without lightmeters, fixed or interchangeable prisms, instant return or not instant return mirrors and from 1956 were also available with internal automatic diaphragm actuation. These cameras show continuos improvements during their long production times.

Edixa SLR models[]

Model list and info are as to McKeown's pp.1003-1010. List is in alphabetical order.


  • Schacht Travenon 1,8/50
  • Quinon 1,9/55
  • Isco Westromat/ Schneider Xenon 1,9/50
  • Isco Iscotar/ Schacht Travenar/ Schneider Xenar 2,8/50
  • Enna Lithagon 4/24 * 3,5/28
  • Schneider Curtagon 4/28
  • Rodenstock Eurygon 2,8/30
  • Isco Westromat/ Quinaron 2,8/35
  • Enna Lithagon/ Schacht Travegon 3,5/35
  • Makro Kilar E/D 2,8/40
  • Enna Ennalyt 1,5/85
  • Makro Kilar/Schacht Travenar 2,8/90
  • Schneider Xenar 3,5/90
  • Cassarit/Auto D Quinar 3,5/100
  • Isco Isconar 4/100
  • Edixar / Ennalyt / Steinheil Quinar 2,8/135
  • Steinheil Cassar 2,8/50
  • Westanar /Schacht Travenar / Tele Xenar 3,5/135
  • Westanar 4/180
  • Tele Xenar 5,5/200
  • Ennalyt 4,5/240
  • Edixar 4,5/300
  • Tele-Xenar 5,5/360
  • Ennalyt 4,5/400
  • Ennalyt 5,6/600
  • Enna Zoom 4/85-250
  • Edixa Zoom 6,3/95-205