The Edixa Reflex cameras were West Germany's most popular own series of SLR's with focal plane shutter. The original name of the first Edixa SLR was Komet. The Wirgin company had to change the name after complaints of two other companies with equally named products. Since 1955 the cameras got additional slow shutter speeds, and since 1956 cameras with aperture release shifter for the M42 lenses were available. Until 1959 four lines of Edixa SLRs were introduced:

  • Type A with shutter speeds upto 1/1000 sec.
  • Type B with aperture release mechanics
  • Type C with meter
  • Type D with exposure times upto 9 sec.

In 1960 the types B, C and D got the rapid mirror and improved shutter mechanics. Type A was replaced by the type S which had a slower shutter. A special feature of this camera series was the exchangeable viewfinder unit. A simple top-view finder and a pentaprism finder were available.

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