The Edixa Prismaflex LTL was a single lens reflex camera body for M42 screw mount lenses with aperture release pin. It was the budget version of Wirgin's SLR bodies with TTL metering which were introduced in 1966 (Edixa Rex TTL with bayonet) and 1967 (Edixa Prismaflex LTL and Edixa Prismat TTL). The shape of these camera bodies was kept like that of the earlier Edixa Reflex series, but the exchangeable viewfinders were abandoned for the metering through the lens. So these newer models were made with fixed pentaprism viewfinder. Compared to the Rex and the Prismat the Prismaflex lacked shutter speeds slower than 1/30 seconds (except B).

The distinctive control of this camera type is the half moon shaped exposure control lever near the lens mount. When it is moved downwards the meter and the lens mount's aperture release are activated for a moment. In this moment the photographer can control whether or not he has found an appropriate shutter speed/aperture combination. This is indicated by the meter's needle which is visible through the viewfinder. When it matches the gap between two control marks the right exposure values are found. But before exposure the proposed shutter speed chosen with the meter's film- and shutter-speed selector has to be transferred manually to the shutter's original mechanical speed selector.

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