Edinex II is a 35mm film viewfinder camera manufactured by Wirgin Kamerawerk in Wiesbaden, West Germany and produced around 1951.

Edinex cameras present some identification problems because most do not bear any model name on the camera, but only in catalogs and advertising.The issue is further muddied by the use of different model designations for the same camera by different advertisers. In addition the adds use various names for Edinex II, like Edinex, Edinex I, Edinex-S.[1]

See also the article Wirgin Edinex series.


Data belongs to the camera in the photos.

  • Wirgin logo on the lens shutter barrel
  • No model number
  • The lens and shutter unit is mounted on a telescopic tube; handles for pulling
  • Lens: Steinheil Cassar 50mm f/2.8 VL, filter slip-on
    • Aperture: f/2.8-f/16 setting: lever and scale on the lens shutter barrel
    • Focus range: 3.5-60 feet +inf
  • Focusing: manual front element focusing, guess the distance
  • Shutter: Prontor-S speeds: 1-1/300 +B [2]
  • Shutter release: on the lens shutter barrel
  • Cable release socket: on the lens shutter barrel
  • Cocking lever: on the lens shutter barrel
  • Frame counter: window on the top plate, manual reset, advance type
  • Winding knob: on the right of the top plate
  • Viewfinder: reverse telescopic finder, very small
  • Re-wind knob: on the left of the top plate
  • Re-wind release: knob beside winding knob set to R (Rückführung), V ( vorgehen)
  • Flash PC socket: on the lens shutter barrel, M and F sync, adjusting lever on the lens shutter barrel
  • Cold-shoe
  • Self-timer: set the M-F lever to V
  • Back cover and bottom plate: removable separately; bottom plate opens by a folding lever on the bottom plate; A open, Z close; and back cover partially removable by a knob on it [3]
  • Film loading: load the film cassette from bottom, then push the film leader toward the opened back and insert to the take-up spool which its bottom not opens
  • Tripod socket: ¼"
  • Body: metal; Weight: 387g

Notes and references[]

  1. It is best to ID of your camera that searching the McKeown's 12th.ed., 2005, pp.1001-1002.
  2. There are various lens/shutter combinations of the Edinex II. Some cheaper versions have fixed lens.
  3. Some cameras have hinged back for easy loading.