Whitehouse Products Inc. was a camera manufacturer based in Brooklyn, New York, USA. It made simple Bakelite (and later other plastic) snapshot models, branded Beacon. Early Beacon models had collapsible lens panels; collapsing the panel disabled the shutter. Early models featured a B shutter setting, which was removed on later examples. The Beacon II and Two-Twenty-Five were fitted for mounting a flashgun.The later Reflex model was almost identical to the Ansco Cadet Reflex. The WH 127-A model was also sold by Argus as the Argus 127.


Name Dates Film Format
Beacon 1940-49 16 3x4cm on 127
Beacon II 1947-55 16 3x4cm on 127
Beacon Two-Twenty-Five 1950-58 12 6x6cm on 620
Beacon Reflex 1960 12 4x4cm on 127
Beacon Automatic 705 ? 12 28x28mm on 126
Beacon Autoflash WH 127-A ? 12 4x4 on 127

The Beacon, Beacon II & Two-Twenty-Five cameras were usually black, but were available in various different colours.