Weltax is a medium format film folding camera made by Welta and introduced in 1938. Its production resumed in 1947. [1]

Around 1956, some Weltax cameras production was made by VEB Rheinmetall, engraved with their name on the bottom.



Weltax pre-WW2 model

  • Film: 120 roll film, picture size 6x6cm and 6x4.5cm with a mask
  • Bellows is self erecting
  • Winding knob: on the bottom of the camera or on the top plate [2]
  • Lens and shutter: There are many lens/shutter combinations
  • Viewfinder: Galilean viewfinder
  • Lever beside the finder: to release the finder for viewing near image subjects
  • Lever on top of the finder: to adjust the frame in the viewfinder for 4.5x6cm frames
  • Flash sync socket
  • Body: metal

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. McKeown's p.992
  2. on the post-WW2 models the winding knob always on the top plate
  3. Focal lenght marked as centimeter, a feature of pre-WW2 lenses


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