The Welta Solida is a combined 6×9cm and 6x4.5cm folding camera released in 1933. It has a coupled rangefinder, separate from the telescopic reverse Galilean viewfinder, in a long rectangular black box. It also has a brilliant finder on the lens standard. The lens is focused by moving the lens panel, driven by a small knob in one side of the folding bed, thus making the camera a mixture of self-erecting folding camera and a folding bed camera. This system was continued in the later Weltur series. The winding is by key, and there is no double exposure prevention. The Solida is dual format, having the ability to take 4.5×6 exposures with a mask inserted in the exposure chamber and a switchable mask built in to the viewfinder.

Known lens/shutter combinations:

In all cases, the Compur shutter goes to 1/250 and the Compur-Rapid to 1/400.

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