Vito IIa Pronto SVS

The Vito by Voigtländer was one of the most successful in German camera history. The Vito IIa was introduced in 1955 and offered few advantages over the Vito II. The Vito IIa was based on the same concept as the Vito B, a simplified and streamlined version of the Vito. Advertised as a slim pocketable version of the Vito II, the Vito IIa offered a center situated accessory shoe to permit the use of a Kontur viewfinder. Also the wind knob was replaced by a single stroke lever. Shutters offered include the four-speed Prontor and the nine speed Prontor SVS. Later models fitted with the Prontor SVS have an exposure value scale. By 1957, this camera was described as the only 35mm folding camera and it cost about £25.

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