Vito C is a 35mm film viewfinder camera, manufactured by Voigtländer and produced between 1960-67. It is the first and basic model of the Voigtländer Vito C series.[1]

There are two models of the Vito C:[2]

  • First model: Accessory shoe fitted into the top housing and name engraved in large characters
  • Second model: Introduced in 1963, with protruding accessory shoe

They were offered various lens/shutter combinations:

  • Lenses: Lanthar 50mm f/2.8 or Color-Scopar 50mm f/2.8
  • Shutters: Pronto, Pronto LK, Prontor 250 S or Prontor 500 LK

Vito C series models[]

  • The Vito C camera series replace the Vito B camera series.
    • The film loading system is replaced by a classic opening back.
    • The shutter fires with or without film in the camera.
    • The shutter release is not on the top housing but on front of the body.

Vito C Deluxe second model

  • Vito C cameras don't have light meter nor rangefinder.
    • Vito CD cameras have un uncoupled light meter.
    • Vito CL cameras have a coupled light meter.
    • Vito CLR cameras have a coupled light meter and a coupled rangefinder.
  • All of the cameras are sold in Standard or Deluxe model, differences are only cosmetic.
    • Standard models: silver metal shutter release and lens barrel, embossed black name on top housing, black and red film reminder, transparent altuglass shutter face.
    • Deluxe models : black metal shutter release, leather covered lens barrel, raised chrome name, film reminder disc with leather in the center, chrome shutter face.
  • There are two body shape of the C series cameras:
    • The round-ended body style was produced between 1960-67
    • After 1967 a square-ended body was made.



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