Virtus is a medium format roll film folding bed camera made by Voigtländer and produced between 1932-35 with quantity 10.000 units.

It has the same distinctive styling as the Voigtländer cameras, Prominent 6x9, Perkeo 3x4 and Inos II of about the same time.

The name Virtus has been used on a series of Voigtländer-branded popular digital cameras made by (or for) Ringfoto since 2004.

Some features[]

  • Film: 120 roll, picture size 4.5x6cm
  • Lenses: Skopar 4,5/75 or Heliar 3,5/75
  • Shutters: Embezet or Compur
  • Viewfinder: Automatic parallax correction coupled to the lens (It was the first camera with this feature).
  • Focusing: a knob on the body, possible before opening the camera