The Vivitar T201 is an all-plastic point and shoot 35mm film camera with an f/9 aperture and 28mm focus free lens and with a built in flash which i able to be turned on and off. The camera was originally marketed for use by families and children and has since begun to be used occasionally in "toy camera" and lomography circles, but as yet is largely overlooked, unlike the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim which has found a cult following. The camera gives photos a distinctive lo-fi feel, the effects of which can be emphasised by cross-processing slide film. The camera features a red eye reduction feature.


As the camera has a built in flash it does require a battery to allow the flash function to work. The flash can be turned on or off by selecting a simple plastic switch to the front of the camera. The camera is advanced manually and the shutter is fired by pressing a shutter release button located on the top of the camera. The camera takes 35mm film which is loaded to the rear of the camera.


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