Voigtländer developed the Vitomatic series of viewfinder and rangefinder cameras for 35mm film with coupled meter as an alternate camera series to the Vito. All the Vitomatic were derived in 1957 from the Vito B, parallel to the development of the Vito BL and BR, and all have the bottom lock to open the back. The Vitomatic I are viewfinders and the Vitomatic II and III are rangefinders. The "a", "b" and "CS" have the meter instrument mirrored into the finder.

Models Edit

1st generation (1958-1959)Edit

  • Vitomatic I
  • Vitomatic II

2nd generation (1960-1963)Edit

3rd generation (1964-1966)Edit

4th generation, with CdS metering (1967-1969)Edit

  • Vitomatic I CS
  • Vitomatic II CS
  • Vitomatic III CS (with Ultron 2/50)
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