The Vitessa T is a 35mm rangefinder camera with leaf shutter and interchangeable lens, made by Voigtländer at the end of the 1950s.

It was based on the folding Vitessa models, and retained their basic body, their rangefinder, their uncoupled selenium meter and their plunger rod advance mechanism. But the Vitessa T had a rigid body, and interchangeable lenses in front of a Synchro Compur leaf shutter to 1/500. Focusing was by a ring around the lens, as usual but unlike the folding Vitessa that had a wheel operated by the right thumb.

The Vitessa T original lens range was quite limited:

  • Color-Skopar 50/2.8 standard lens
  • Skoparet 35/3.4 wide angle lens
  • Dynaret 100/4.8 medium tele lens
  • Super-Dynaret 135/4 tele lens

But all the lenses made for the Braun Super Colorette can be used on the Vitessa T. These included:

  • Steinheil Cassarit 50/2.8

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