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The Vega cameras are basic 35mm viewfinder cameras made by Druopta in Prague, at that time in Czechoslovakia.

  • Vega II: c.1949-51, Druoptar 50mm f4.5 collapsible lens, Etaxa or Chrontax shutter, 1/10-1/200s
  • Vega III: c.1957-8, as Vega II, but with Druoptar or Etar f3.5 lens, Vebur or Chrontax synchronised shutter, accessory shoe. Later version in maroon leatherette, Metax 1-1/400s shutter.[1]
  1. McKeown lists Druoptar f4.5 in Etaxa on II and Druptar f3.5 in Crontax on III, plus Etar f3.5 in Metax on III/maroon, but there are other combinations observed, e.g. picture above, on flickr, by Angelo Mangione and III with Druoptar in Etaxa on Sylvain Halgand's


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