The V. P. Twin camera was a Bakelite camera which could make sixteen 5/8" x 1¼" exposures on a type 127 film roll (standard Vest Pocket size roll film). It was made by E. Elliott Limited and its optical plant BOLCo (=British Optical Lens Company) in Birmingham, both suppliers of the adjacent camera maker Coronet. Its earliest version was sold in three parts by Woolworth. Each part cost 6d, all three parts together 1s 6d. The reason for this partial marketing was Woolworth's promise to sell everything for not more than 6d.

The original model, introduced in c.1935 was available in black, green, red or marbled brown. The camera was reintroduced in c.1952, in black with a metal faceplate and either a white or black wind-on knob.


  • Type: roll film camera
  • Manufacturer: E. Elliott Ltd.
  • Year of launch: 1935, relaunch 1952
  • Film: type 127 film rolls
  • Lens: 1:12.5 Bloomed BOLCo lens (meniscus lens)
  • Shutter: Coronet shutter