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wiki fork Edit

Hi Ryan,

You might not be aware that when was sold to Wika, there was a "fork" and many of the old contributors split off a new version of the wiki at Check the recent activity for both and you'll see we've had a lot more activity. We'd be happy if you cared to add your contributions there. All best,


Hello Ryan,

That's a great picture. I have a question that will be rather unexpected. By coincidence we ran into this picture and my organisation (an association of Dutch financial executives) is interested to use this picture in a non-commercial 'advert'. An advert for our annual meeting (on 'disruptive innovation'; I assume you can see why...) that will be published (only) in our member journal, a magazine that will reach about 12,000 members.

Given this information: are you willing to give us permission to use your very cool picture?!

If the answer is yes, we'll be happy to send you a hard copy of the magazine :-)

Thank you very much for your response, if possible to:

Best regards,

Lucas Geusebroek


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