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I am writing this article because we cannot find any information on the world wide web regarding this old tool.

My girlfriend´s parents bought this camera from the housekeeper that sold furniture from a German or Austrian photographer. This photographer passed away in 1970 or 1971, hence why the housekeeper was selling all the furniture. Supposedly he left all his belongings to this housekeeper. Unfortunately, we cannot remember the name of either of the two persons.

Apparently it was a quite famous photographer in Madrid, Spain. He made photo´s of the Royal Family in this country, amongst them Alphonso XIII (He was King until 1941).

Two years after her parents bought the camera, in 1973, there was a story about this photographer in the ABC (Monarchic) newspaper, with pictures of this specific camera.

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The brand name is Falz & Werner, Leipzig. The lenses are from Vogtlander & John, Wien.

About two decades ago, Kodak was very interested in this camera.

I am attaching some pictures with the hope somebody recognises this camera, or either the brand of the lenses or the machine itself.

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