Union Kōgaku K.K. (ユニオン光学株式会社) was a Japanese company that sold the Union Semi in 1953–4 (a rebadged Zenobia) and perhaps the Union Model U at an unknown date. According to a 1953 advertisement, Union Kōgaku was a microscope maker and the Union Semi was its first camera.

A company with the same name still (2007) exists and makes microscopes and other optical devices. It was founded in 1991, but it is a subsidiary of a company called Union Holdings K.K. (ユニオンホールディングス株式会社) founded in 1948.

Camera list[]

  • Union Semi or Union C-II (4.5×6 folder)
  • Union Model U (4.5×6 folder)

Lens list[]

The Easternflex TLR was announced with Unicor 75/3.5 four-element lenses made by Union Kōgaku.

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