Umemoto Seisakusho (梅本製作所, i.e. Umemoto Works) is a Japanese company, founded in 1935 by Umemoto Kinzaburō (梅本金三郎), after he was asked in 1932 by the distributor Kikōdō to set up a camera plant.[1] (Umemoto Kinzaburō had already opened a small plant in Yokokawa in 1931, where he was acting as a subcontractor for his former employer.)[2] The factory was completed in 1935 and was situated in Tokyo, Kameido.[3]

Before the war, the company made the Super Makinet Six and Neure Six 6×6 strut-folders and the Super Flex Baby 4×4 SLR, which was the first Japanese roll-film SLR. Most cameras made by the company were distributed by Kikōdō. During the war, the company was required to make military equipment. It seems that it produced a 4.5×6 folder called Semi Makinet, about which little is known. The production of cameras was certainly stopped in about 1943. The Tokyo plant was burnt down in 1945 and the company moved to Yamagata between 1945 and 1948 before coming back to Tokyo, where a new factory was rebuilt on the same ground.[4]

After the war, the company briefly took the name Umemoto Kōki Seisakusho (梅本光機製作所, i.e. Umemoto Optical Works) and made one last attempt at camera production with the Rocky Semi, certainly adapted from the wartime Semi Makinet, but this was not a commercial success.

The company became Y.K. Umemoto Seisakusho (有限会社梅本製作所) in 1962.[5] It still (2008) exists and makes photography-related parts, such as tripod heads for Kenko.

Another Umemoto company was selling cameras in Osaka in the early 1930s; it was called Umemoto Shitsuten (梅本質点) in 1930, and Umemoto Shōten (梅本商店) in 1932.[6] It was not related to the Umemoto family of Umemoto Seisakusho.[7]

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