Ugajin Denki Kōgaku K.K. (宇賀神電気光学㈱) was a Japanese company active in the late 1940s and based in Azabu, Tokyo.[1] It advertised the Maruso Camera pseudo TLR using no-need-darkroom film stock, which was also advertised by Marusō Kōgaku. It is not known which of these two companies, if any, actually manufactured the camera.

Notes Edit

  1. Its address was Tōkyō-to Minato-ku Azabu Shinbori-chō 4 (東京都台東区浅草新堀町四). Source: advertisement on p.6 of Nihon Shashin Kōgyō Tsūshin April 20, 1948, reproduced on p.84 of Hyaku-gō goto jūkai no kiroku.

Bibliography Edit

  • Nihon Shashin Kōgyō Tsūshin (日本写真興業通信). Hyaku-gō goto jūkai no kiroku (百号ごと十回の記録, Ten records, every hundred issues). Tokyo: Nihon Shashin Kōgyō Tsūshin Sha (日本写真興業通信社), 1967. No ISBN number. Advertisement on p.84, corresponding to p.6 of the April 20, 1948 issue.
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