Two Japanese companies called Tsukada are known; it is unclear if they was related to each other.

Tsukada Shōkai[]

Tsukada Shōkai (塚田商会) was a repair shop active in Tokyo in early 1949, which advertised itself as producing coupled tele lenses in Leica mount and tele lenses in Korelle and Exakta mount.[1] No Tsukada lens is known to have surfaced so far.

Tsukada Shōji[]

Tsukada Shōji K.K. (塚田商事㈱) was a distributor based in Tokyo in the first half of the 1950s.[2] It advertised the Tacker subminiature camera in early 1950 and the Tomic and Planet 6×6 folders in late 1952.


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  2. The address was Tōkyō-to Taitō-ku Asakusa Kotobuki-chō 124 (東京都台東区浅草寿町124). Source: advertisements dated February 1950 to November 1952, reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, pp.145 and 174.