January 16, 2004
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Toshiba is a major Japanese company.

Tōkyō Shibaura Denki K.K. (東京芝浦電気㈱) resulted in 1939 from the merge of Tōkyō Denki (東京電気) and Shibaura Seisakusho (芝浦製作所). It became K.K. Tōshiba (㈱東芝), translated as Toshiba Corporation, in 1978. The Toshiba company is currently making consumer digital cameras and industrial video cameras.

Mazda products Edit

Tōkyō Denki and later Tōkyō Shibaura Denki used the Mazda (マツダ) brand on various products:

  • Mazda flash bulbs;
  • Mazda filters, advertised in 1939;[1]
  • Mazda exposure meter, advertised in 1938 as the first Japanese electric meter.[2]

Toshiba cameras Edit

  • Toshiba PDR-M25
  • Toshiba PDR 3300

Notes Edit

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Bibliography Edit

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