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The name Tohko Co., Ltd. appears on an advertisement for the Halma 44, Halma Flex, Halma Auto and Owla Stereo, published in 1960 in a Japanese magazine in English language.[1] It was perhaps the distributor of these cameras. The address of the Osaka headquarters is Kita-ku Dōjima Hama-dōri 1–20 (北区堂島浜通1–20), and the address of the Tokyo office is Chūō-ku Yaesu 4–5 (中央区八重洲4–5).

The name Tōkō K.K. (東光㈱) is also reported on a Japanese leaflet for the Owla Stereo; this might be the same distributing company.[2]

A company called Toko, Inc. or Tōkō K.K. (東光㈱) currently (2008) exists; it has its headquarters in Tokyo and makes electronic components. It is not known if it is related.

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  1. Advertisement published in Camerart, reproduced in this page at The date is unconfirmed.
  2. Name reported in this page at Dekoyama's Stereo website.

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