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Thowe Kamera Werk A.G. was a German company based in Freital.[1] It was founded in 1914. Co-founder was Woldemar Beier, who left the company to found Beier when Thowe should be recapitalized as stock market company amidst the Great Inflation of 1923.[2] The company closed its doors in 1932.[3]

Camera list[]

  • Thowe plate folder, 6.5×9cm or 9×12cm, in regular or tropical finish
  • Thowe rollfilm folder, 6×9cm
  • Thowe Lux strut-folder, 4.5×6cm
  • Thowette, 3×4cm

Japanese advertisement[]

In the mid-1920s, the Thowe plate folder was distributed in Japan by Yamashita Yūjirō Shōten.


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