To Dutch.D

Thanks for contributing to the description of these fine cameras. Your contribution has been incorporated into the description in a compact form, avoiding duplicate statements.

The following statement, however, will be place here until a precise statement can be worked out:

The earlier models S1 / H1, S2 / H2 and S3 / H3 could be updated to take the exposure meter by a simple replacement of the shutter speed dial with a notched one, which could be done by the user in about one minute.

Please note that the section preceding it already mentions that the meter provision is retained.

With respect, Jan - 21.07.2009

Complete dates[]

This is a nice writeup, but one flaw that is common to most of these camera histories is the absence of a production end date. I recognize the difficulty in locating that information for many cameras, but it is as important as the date of introduction. Michael Cleveland (talk) 17:59, October 15, 2012 (UTC)