Hello Dennis,

I appreciate the work you're doing on the Minolta XG series. I do have a few questions about sections of text you removed.

The XG-1 has a metal body that feels light when compared to a body of the sr-T series. A red dot lights up when using the selftimer. On the back of the camera body there's a DIN/ASA conversion table. On the (earlier) Srt series, this table had been circular. Contrary to the XG-M, the XG-1 has no film memo holder on the back. Next to the transport handle there's a "film loaded" indicator. The accessory shoe is a hotshoe, but a separate X flash connector is present near the lens barrel. Next to it you'll find the cable release connector.


The Minolta XG-A was the simplest of the XG series. It is a manual focus SLR camera body with automatic control of shutter speed. Its predecessor, the XG-1, had a full scale manual mode; the XG-A had only a selector for under- or over-exposure (seen in the photograph).

were removed. I'm curious to know why you removed this information. Did you judge it superfluous or incorrect? If not, it might be an idea to incorporate or rewrite them into your text. --driesvandenelzen 03:00, 21 December 2006 (EST)

Hi Dries!

These two descrpitions were replaced by more detailed ones in the articles. All information about XG models, you find in the "General Description" and in the paragraph about the XG-E/7/2. The other XG models are only described with the changes to previous models. This is much more efficient and clearly laid out, than telling the whole story with each model again. Further this gives a better idea of the evolution of the family tree.

I see so far no information in the cited passages, which are not mentioned in the actual text.

Thanks and best regards, Dennis.