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Agfa Billy Zero Camera

I have an old Afga Bill Zero camera and I am trying to understand a little histry and if it one of the older units. I do know this model was made in the 30s.


Has place for shutter release cable (do not have)

Has shutter release delay timer (set and run to get in photo)which is about 13 seconds.

Shutter spped selected via dial (not rim) and has T, B, 25,50,100 listed on the dial

Face of shutter speed dial says: PRONTO D.R.P. DRGM

F-Stop is set with small lever on bottom of lens/shutter assembly

Focus is set in METERS via manual ring around lens with handle on the ring.

Serial Number (?) inside back cover is : A 0169

Found in father-in-laws house after his passing last year. WWII vet in Germany. Started in France and ended up in Munich via Belgium at the end of the war and then was returned to US summer 1945.

Maybe "librated" it along the way but don't know. Did not ask him while he was alive and he never talked about it in the 30 + years I knew him. It was stuck out in the garage unders some old papers for decades. Just trying to get some information so I might be able to put a "story" together.

Took me a few days to learn to open it and study the markings + the operation.




Mickey, see the article about this model at Agfa Billy Zero. The unit you have sounds interesting as it has a different lens and shutter from the other Billy Zeros which have been described on the internet. Pictures would be helpful, especially a macro of the front of the lens. Images added to the Camerapedia Flickr Pool could be used in articles on this website. "0169" sounds like a really low serial number but I'm not familiar with Agfa's numbering schemes. Is it in full working order? SuperCCD 05:14, 17 August 2009 (EDT)

I have a FUJICA TX-1 camera. but i cant seem to find any information at all about this specific model.

Everytime i search it leads me to either Fuji TX-1 or Fujica STX-1.

can anyone help me out?i really want to know the history of this specific model (FUJICA TX-1)

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