The acronym T.Y.O.W. corresponds to a Japanese lens maker based in Tokyo, whose full name is currently unknown. It made Taiyo-Anastigmat barrel lenses for large format cameras. These are usually marked T.Y.O.W. TOKYO TAIYO–Anastigmat. The brand name certainly comes from the word taiyō (太陽), which means "sun" in Japanese.

The Taiyo lenses were already existing in 1941.[1] They were made by a relative of Mr. Yamasaki, founder of Yamasaki Kōgaku Kenkyūsho and maker of the Congo lenses.[2]

List of known Taiyo-Anastigmat lenses:

  • 18cm f/4.5 (reported only)[3]
  • 21cm f/4.5[4]
  • 21cm f/6.3[5]
  • 21cm f/6.8 (reported only)[6]
  • 25cm f/4.5[7]
  • 30cm f/6.3 (reported only)[8]


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In English:

  • Wooden camera retailed by Western India Photographic Agency, Bombay, reportedly having a Taiyo-Anastigmat 30cm f/6.3, sold as lot no.1515 on 11 December 2007 by Rosebery's

In Japanese:

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