Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku (東洋精機光学, meaning "oriental precision optics") was a Japanese camera maker of the 1950s.

History of Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku and possibly related companies[]

The company made the Princeflex TLR, as indicated by the camera markings and by advertisements dated September 1953 to April 1955. It also made the Elbowflex TLR and Elbow Six folder, as indicated by an advertisement dated April 1955. However the latter two cameras were advertised in September 1955 as made by Cosmo Camera Seisakusho. It thus seems that Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku changed its name to Cosmo Camera Seisakusho in mid-1955. The name Cosmo was used until 1954 by Alfa Camera Seisakusho, maker of the Alfaflex and Cosmoflex. Cosmo Camera Seisakusho was perhaps the result of a merge between Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku and Alfa Camera Seisakusho.

The Easternflex, sometimes attributed to Tōyō Seiki (東洋精機), was certainly made by the company too, as well as the Luna and TSK shutters (see the discussions in the corresponding pages).

The Larkflex TLR, actually advertised by Lark Camera Seisakusho, is sometimes attributed to "Toyo" or "Tōyō Kōki" (東洋光機). It might share parts with the Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku cameras but this is unsure.

Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku may have been the same as Tōyō Kōki (東洋光機), which made the Elegaflex; and Tōyō Kōgaku (東洋光学) which made the Elizaflex. It might also have been the same as Toyo Seiko which made the Rolex 35 III (see Toyo Seiko).

List of related cameras[]

Made for sure by Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku or its successor[]

  • Easternflex
  • Elbowflex
  • Elbow Six
  • Princeflex, Princeflex II and Prince Junior

Perhaps connected to Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku[]

  • Elegaflex
  • Elizaflex
  • Larkflex
  • Rolex 35 III

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