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Tōkyō Kōken K.K. (東京光研㈱, meaning Tokyo Optical Research) was a Japanese company which made the Dolca 35 cameras from late 1952 to early 1956. Its address was Arakawa-ku Nippori (荒川区日暮里) 8–577 in Tokyo.[1] Four known Models of 35mm cameras were made:

Dolca 35-l 1953 = Tokyo Koken Komeil 50mm F:3.5 in Nipol shutter B,1-200 Single viewfinder ; winding button on front

Dolca 35-ll 1953 = Nipool lens 50mm F:3.5 coupled Tinted glass  rangefinder;  Nipol shutter B,1-200 winding button on back.weight 694g

Dolca 35-llA = 1954 Nipool 50mm F:2.8 coupled rangefinder, Nipol B,1-200

Dolca 35-U 1955 Nipool 40mm F:3.5 Nipol shutter B, 1-300 Round front windows on coupled rangefinder.

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  1. Advertisements dated September 1954 to February 1956 reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, pp. 154 and 260.
 Die cast bodies of Brass with exceptional chrome and workmanship. Old style Folding camera pull up door release hinge. No double exposure prevention on models l or ll, Button had to be pressed in to advance winding knob, very much leica styled.Coupled rangefinder is sharp with a 0.6x viewfinder of nicely done Tinted windows for coincidence. Focusing Helicoil plate screwed to body front and marked in Metre infinity,10,5,3,2,1,5,1 - This is odd that in 1953 a Japanese camera is NOT marked in feet. Perhaps this camera was never made for the export market? example is a Dolca ll it's body # 61446 Nipol shutter is leaf shutter design with cocking lever, release & red self timer all in similar appearance to a folding camera shutter design. No MIOJ markings or country of origin markings anywhere. Certainly NOT made for the USA marketplace?

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