E. Suter was a lens and camera maker, founded in 1878 in Basel, Switzerland. It was the first factory size camera business in Switzerland. Suter made cameras and lenses, and imported goods from other makers like Mackenstein, Paris. Emil Suter designed and manufactured brass barrel lenses, based on his own patent of 1900, comprising an eight element two group design. Another product line where licensed lens types like Zeiss' Anqastigmat (=Zeiss Protar). Suter's Reisekameras were of the well established tailboard constuction Continental View type. The Swiss-Box and the Detectiv Magazin camera were quite individual constructions. The Cupido was a 9x12cm plate camera, a unique construction with self-erecting bellows. This invention seems to have been shared with Hüttig, even the name Cupido was also given to such 9x12 cameras of the camera maker from Dresden and its successor Ica. Suter's and Hüttig's Cupido were different except their use of the same bellows unfolding mechanism.

1913 the company became a stock market company. The Optische Anstalt E. Suter AG was closed in 2005


  • Reisekamera 13x18
  • Reisekamera 18x24
  • Swiss-Box
  • Liliput
  • Detectiv Magazin Kamera
  • Cupido
  • 9x12 and 10x15 folding bed cameras