The Super Westomat 35 is a 35mm rangefinder made by Taisei Kōki in the mid 50's. There are two main variants of this camera, both with a coupled rangefinder : the first has a separate window for focussing (split image type) and the second has a combined view- and rangefinder (superimposed images type). The second version was available with a 3.5/45 Terionon A. or a 2.8/45 Taikor lens. The rangefinder is operated by the wheel located on the lens barrel a la Kodak 35 RF. The shutter is a 6-speed N.W.S.

Technical specificationsEdit

  • Lens : Terionon A. 3.5/45 or Taikor 2.8/45
  • Shutter : 6-speed + B N.W.S.


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