Linhof is credited with intoducing the first all-metal technical field camera. Today the company is known as Linhof Präzisions Systemtechnik GmbH. This German company is located in Münich, Germany.

The Technikas are heavy, ruggedly built cameras with technical possibilities not easily found on other cameras. For example, they offer a limited amount of view camera movements, allowing for perspective corrections. This rather large camera folds up to a self-contained package, thus protecting the lens. High quality large format lenses, made by renowned producers, can be used on the Technikas. Some have been engraved by Linhof, indicating they are up to their standards (and raising their price). For the super Technikas, a rangfinder knife, engraved with the serial number of the lens, couples the rangefinder to the lens-to-film-distance. This allows for rangefinder focusing and thus, handheld shooting.

The Linhof Technika III is a technical field camera for 4x5 inch (9x12cm) and 2x3 inch (6x9cm). This means there are two varieties that operate similarly, but that vary considerably in size. The presence of a coupled rangefinder makes a "super Technika" of an ordinary Technika. The Technika IV represents a small next step in the evolution of the Technika cameras with some incremental improvements. Even today, a Technika variation is being produced by Linhof; the Master Technika. The Master Technika is very similar to the Technika III, but some important improvements have been made and most parts are not interchangeable. Linhofs websites advocates the Technika series as being most suitable for handheld use. Today, this claim might make some frown.

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