The Super Cambo is a monorail camera, made by Cambo in Holland. It's not too heavy to be used just in a studio. The rail is made of aluminium. The other metal parts are made of iron, steel, and other heavier metals. It needs a tripod able to cope with a heavy workload. It has facilities for all variations of vertical and horizontal tilt and shift movement of back and/or lens board, including screws and levers to fix the parts in their positions. For making photos in nearness to the image subject a lens for a 9x12 camera might be sufficient. But flexibility is limited with such lenses because then back and lens board are quite near to each other. For full latitude of back and lens standard a special view camera lens is necessary. The big lever is for locking the rail's position in horizontal or tilted position. Back and front, either of them are positioned on the rail by means of a positioning control wheel paired with a position-locking screw-wheel.

The back has the typical facility of many 4x5 plate cameras: A focusing screen in a frame that also serves as clamp to fix the film holder. A Polaroid 545 holder for enveloped daylight loading film sheets or enveloped instant film sheets will fit in that clamp.

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