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K.K. Sumimitsu (㈱住光) was a Japanese camera distributor. It advertised the Sister Six and Crystar 25 by Crystar Kōki in February 1954.[1] In May of the same year, it was offering the Crystar 15 folder and the Crystar 25 TLR by Crystar Kōki, the Crystar 45 TLR by Ōshiro Seisakusho, and the Sisley 55 folder by Takane.[2] The model numbers 15, 25, 45 and 55 were perhaps grafted by Sumimitsu itself: the Crystar 15 was another name for the Crystar Six and the Sisley 55 was the Sisley 1.

The address given in the advertisements is Tōkyō-to Chūō-ku Kyōbashi (東京都中央区京橋) 3–11.


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