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The Stereo Pluto (ステレオプラトー) is a Japanese stereo camera taking pairs of 23×24mm exposures on 35mm film, made by Shichiyō Kōgaku Kōgyō (the maker of the Pluto Six) and distributed by Pluto Shōkai in 1955.


The Stereo Pluto has a diecast metal body.[1] The viewfinder is contained in the middle of the top housing. The film is advanced by a knob at the right end of the top plate, as seen by the photographer, and the rewind knob is at the opposite end. There is an accessory shoe on the left of the viewfinder, and it seems that the exposure counter is on the right. The camera takes 29 stereo pairs on a 36-exposure film roll, and it has auto-stop advance and double exposure prevention.[2]

There is a black rectangular casing attached to the front of the camera, with the shutter release at the top right. The lenses are fixed-focus 40/6.3, made of two cemented elements, advertised as using a new type of lens glass.[3] The shutter only has Bulb and Instant settings, and it is synchronized via a PC socket.[4] A knob is visible between the two lenses, surely controlling the B and I shutter settings.

Commercial life[]

The Stereo Pluto was featured and advertised in the May 1955 issue of Sankei Camera.[5] The advertisement gives no price, and shows the only picture observed so far.[6] It is not known if the camera was actually sold, and all trace of the Shichiyō company is lost after that month.


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The Stereo Pluto is not listed in Sugiyama.